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Product Listings

Product CodeCategoryProduct DescriptionStatusUnit of MeasurePrice
1001CerealsPorridge Oats OrganicIn Stock100g£0.23
1002CerealsGluten Free Porridge Oats OrganicIn Stock100g£0.44
1003CerealsBran Flakes OrganicIn Stock100g£0.68
1004CerealsDeluxe MuesliIn Stock100g£0.50
1007CerealsMuesli Base OrganicIn Stock100g£0.30
1008CerealsCornflakes OrganicIn Stock100g£0.73
1009CerealsGranola with Raisins OrganicIn Stock100g£0.80
1010CerealsJumbo Oatflakes OrganicIn Stock100g£0.25
1012CerealsBuckwheat Flakes NGCI OrganicIn Stock100g£0.70
1013CerealsOat Bran OrganicIn Stock100g£0.28
1018CerealsOatmeal OrganicIn Stock100g£0.37
1020CerealsHoney RingsIn Stock100g£0.75
1021CerealsMultigrain Choco FlakesIn Stock100g£0.65
2101RiceWhite Basmati Rice OrganicIn Stock100g£0.52
2102RiceBrown Basmati Rice OrganicIn Stock100g£0.45
2103RiceEasy Cook White Long Grain RiceIn Stock100g£0.28
2104RiceBrown Long Grain Rice OrganicIn Stock100g£0.32
2105RiceArborio White Risotto Rice OrganicIn Stock100g£0.46
2106RiceWhite Paella RiceIn Stock100g£0.53
2108RicePudding Rice OrganicIn Stock100g£0.44
2109RiceWhite Jasmine Rice OrganicIn Stock100g£0.43
2501GrainsPearl BarleyIn Stock100g£0.21
2503GrainsQuinoa OrganicIn Stock100g£0.88
2504GrainsPopping Corn OrganicIn Stock100g£0.32
2505GrainsBulgur Wheat OrganicIn Stock100g£0.45
2506GrainsPolenta Gluten Free OrganicIn Stock100g£0.28
2507GrainsBuckwheat Groats Gluten Free OrganicIn Stock100g£0.60
2508GrainsSpelt OrganicIn Stock100g£0.55
2509GrainsBroth MixIn Stock100g£0.35
3001Pulses & TVPButter Beans OrganicIn Stock100g£0.70
3002Pulses & TVPBlack Turtle Beans OrganicIn Stock100g£0.30
3003Pulses & TVPBlack Eyed BeansIn Stock100g£0.50
3004Pulses & TVPCannellini Beans OrganicIn Stock100g£0.42
3005Pulses & TVPChickpeas OrganicIn Stock100g£0.36
3006Pulses & TVPKidney Beans OrganicIn Stock100g£0.50
3008Pulses & TVPPinto (Borlotti) Beans OrganicIn Stock100g£0.35
3009Pulses & TVPGreen Lentils OrganicIn Stock100g£0.42
3010Pulses & TVPRed Split Lentils OrganicIn Stock100g£0.35
3011Pulses & TVPFrench Style Lentils OrganicIn Stock100g£0.48
3012Pulses & TVPGreen Split Peas OrganicIn Stock100g£0.28
3013Pulses & TVPYellow Split Peas OrganicIn Stock100g£0.28
3014Pulses & TVPHaricot Beans OrganicIn Stock100g£0.40
3502Pulses & TVPSunflower Mince OrganicIn Stock100g£3.20
4001PastaWholewheat Fusilli OrganicIn Stock100g£0.31
4002PastaWhite Fusilli OrganicIn Stock100g£0.31
4003PastaWholewheat Pennette OrganicIn Stock100g£0.31
4004PastaWhite Pennette OrganicIn Stock100g£0.31
4005PastaWholewheat Spaghetti OrganicIn Stock100g£0.31
4006PastaWhite Spaghetti OrganicIn Stock100g£0.31
4007PastaWhite Couscous OrganicIn Stock100g£0.27
4008PastaWholemeal Couscous OrganicIn Stock100g£0.27
4009PastaWhite Lasagne OrganicIn Stock100g£0.49
4012PastaGluten Free SpaghettiIn Stock100g£0.69
4013PastaGluten Free LasagneIn Stock100g£1.08
4015PastaGiant Couscous OrganicIn Stock100g£0.45
4016PastaOrzo OrganicIn Stock100g£0.36
4017PastaWholewheat Tagliatelle OrganicIn Stock100g£0.36
4018PastaCorn & Rice Conchiglie OrganicIn Stock100g£0.52
4019PastaCorn & Rice Fusilli OrganicIn Stock100g£0.52
4020PastaCorn & Rice Penne OrganicIn Stock100g£0.55
4021PastaShort Cut MacaroniIn Stock100g£0.36
4022PastaVermicelli Noodles NGCIIn Stock100g£1.30
4023PastaNoodlesIn Stock100g£0.45
5001Dried FruitApple RingsIn Stock100g£1.35
5002Dried FruitApricots Unsulphured OrganicIn Stock100g£1.10
5003Dried FruitBanana Chips OrganicIn Stock100g£0.76
5004Dried FruitChopped Dates OrganicIn Stock100g£0.80
5005Dried FruitCranberries infused with Apple JuiceIn Stock100g£1.30
5006Dried FruitCurrants OrganicIn Stock100g£1.00
5007Dried FruitDried Pineapple Pieces OrganicIn Stock100g£2.80
5008Dried FruitFigs OrganicIn Stock100g£1.00
5009Dried FruitGinger Crystallised OrganicIn Stock100g£1.12
5011Dried FruitMango Pieces OrganicIn Stock100g£2.00
5012Dried FruitMixed Vine Fruit OrganicIn Stock100g£0.70
5013Dried FruitPrunes Pitted OrganicIn Stock100g£1.85
5014Dried FruitRaisins OrganicIn Stock100g£0.58
5015Dried FruitSultanas OrganicIn Stock100g£0.54
5016Dried VegetablesPorcini MushroomsIn Stock100g£9.40
5017Dried VegetablesSundried Tomatoes OrganicIn Stock100g£1.90
5018Dried FruitMedjoul DatesIn Stock100g£1.40
5020Dried FruitCandied Lemon Peel OrganicIn Stock100g£1.30
5021Dried FruitCandied Orange Peel OrganicIn Stock100g£1.30
5022Dried VegetablesDried OnionIn Stock100g£1.25
6101NutsAlmonds WholeIn Stock100g£1.20
6102NutsAlmonds FlakedIn Stock100g£1.50
6103NutsAlmonds GroundIn Stock100g£1.30
6104NutsBrazil NutsIn Stock100g£2.05
6105NutsCashewsIn Stock100g£1.55
6106NutsCoconut Dessicated OrganicIn Stock100g£1.00
6107NutsCoconut Chips OrganicIn Stock100g£1.20
6111NutsPine Nuts OrganicIn Stock100g£3.20
6112NutsPistachio Kernels RawIn Stock100g£3.00
6113NutsWalnut Halves OrganicIn Stock100g£2.00
6114NutsWalnut Pieces OrganicIn Stock100g£2.00
6115NutsChopped Mixed NutsIn Stock100g£1.10
6116NutsDeluxe Mixed NutsIn Stock100g£1.65
6117NutsPecan HalvesIn Stock100g£2.30
6118NutsPeanuts BlanchedIn Stock100g£0.68
6119NutsRoasted Hazelnuts OrganicIn Stock100g£2.00
6501SeedsChia Seeds OrganicIn Stock100g£0.98
6502SeedsGolden Linseeds OrganicIn Stock100g£0.45
6503SeedsHemp Seeds (Hulled) OrganicIn Stock100g£1.80
6504SeedsPoppy Seeds OrganicIn Stock100g£1.25
6505SeedsPumpkin Seeds - AA grade OrganicIn Stock100g£0.82
6506SeedsSesame Seeds (Hulled) White OrganicIn Stock100g£1.00
6507SeedsSunflower Seed Kernels OrganicIn Stock100g£0.70
6508SeedsSeven Seed Blend For Bread OrganicIn Stock100g£1.05
6509SeedsFlaxseed OrganicIn Stock100g£1.00
7101HerbsBasilIn Stock100g£4.40
7102HerbsBay LeavesIn Stock100g£12.00
7103HerbsItalian SeasoningIn Stock100g£3.00
7104HerbsMint In Stock100g£3.40
7105HerbsMixed HerbsIn Stock100g£5.00
7106HerbsOreganoIn Stock100g£4.50
7107HerbsParsleyIn Stock100g£6.50
7108HerbsPeppermintIn Stock100g£3.30
7109HerbsRosemaryIn Stock100g£2.90
7110HerbsSageIn Stock100g£5.30
7111HerbsTarragonIn Stock100g£18.00
7112HerbsThymeIn Stock100g£4.00
7113HerbsMarjoramIn Stock100g£2.00
7114HerbsDillIn Stock100g£7.70
7115HerbsHerbes De ProvenceIn Stock100g£5.00
7301SpicesAllspice GroundIn Stock100g£4.00
7302SpicesCaraway SeedsIn Stock100g£4.00
7303SpicesCardamom Green GroundIn Stock100g£9.00
7304SpicesCardamom PodsIn Stock100g£9.50
7305SpicesCayenne PepperIn Stock100g£3.40
7306SpicesChilli GroundIn Stock100g£1.80
7307SpicesChilli FlakesIn Stock100g£1.70
7308SpicesChillies Dried WholeIn Stock100g£8.00
7309SpicesCinnamon GroundIn Stock100g£2.10
7310SpicesCinnamon Quills 3"In Stock100g£8.50
7311SpicesCloves GroundIn Stock100g£4.20
7312SpicesCloves WholeIn Stock100g£4.50
7313SpicesCoriander GroundIn Stock100g£1.15
7314SpicesCoriander SeedsIn Stock100g£3.00
7315SpicesCumin GroundIn Stock100g£1.40
7316SpicesCumin SeedsIn Stock100g£1.40
7317SpicesCurry Powder HotIn Stock100g£2.13
7318SpicesCurry Powder MildIn Stock100g£2.13
7319SpicesFennel SeedsIn Stock100g£1.15
7320SpicesFenugreek GroundIn Stock100g£2.40
7321SpicesFenugreek SeedsIn Stock100g£1.80
7322SpicesGaram MasalaIn Stock100g£1.30
7323SpicesGarlic GranulesIn Stock100g£2.50
7324SpicesGarlic PowderIn Stock100g£2.50
7325SpicesGinger GroundIn Stock100g£2.00
7326SpicesJuniper BerriesIn Stock100g£5.00
7327SpicesMustard GroundIn Stock100g£3.00
7328SpicesMustard Seeds BrownIn Stock100g£3.20
7329SpicesMustard Seeds YellowIn Stock100g£3.00
7330SpicesNutmeg GroundIn Stock100g£5.00
7331SpicesNutmeg WholeIn Stock100g£5.50
7332SpicesPaprika HotIn Stock100g£3.30
7333SpicesPaprika SmokedIn Stock100g£2.50
7334SpicesPaprika SweetIn Stock100g£1.15
7335SpicesPepper Black GroundIn Stock100g£4.30
7336SpicesPepper White GroundIn Stock100g£4.20
7337SpicesPeppercorns Black WholeIn Stock100g£2.40
7338SpicesPeppercorns Black, White, Green & PinkIn Stock100g£5.50
7339SpicesPiri PiriIn Stock100g£4.10
7340SpicesStar AniseIn Stock100g£6.00
7341SpicesTurmeric GroundIn Stock100g£1.15
7342SpicesCinnamon Quills 6"In Stock100g£8.50
7343SpicesChinese Five SpiceIn Stock100g£3.00
7345SpicesNigella SeedsIn Stock100g£2.20
7346SpicesMixed SpiceIn Stock100g£4.50
7348SpicesOnion PowderIn Stock100g£2.60
7501SaltHimalayan Pink Salt CoarseIn Stock100g£0.90
7502SaltHimalayan Salt FineIn Stock100g£0.90
7503SaltSea Salt CoarseIn Stock100g£0.22
7504SaltSea Salt FineIn Stock100g£0.22
7601Savoury FlavouringNutritional Yeast FlakesIn Stock100g£2.45
7602Savoury FlavouringVegetable Bouillon Organic VeganIn Stock100g£1.40
8101OilsHonest Toil Extra Virgin Olive OilIn Stock100g£1.06
8102OilsRapeseed Oil Cotswold GoldIn Stock100g£0.50
8103OilsSunflower Oil OrganicIn Stock100g£0.52
8301VinegarsCyder Vinegar OrganicIn Stock100g£0.40
8302VinegarsWhite Wine VinegarIn Stock100g£0.40
8303VinegarsRed Wine VinegarIn Stock100g£0.25
8304VinegarsBalsamic VinegarIn Stock100g£1.00
8305VinegarsMalt VinegarIn Stock100g£0.20
8306VinegarsDistilled Malt VinegarIn Stock100g£0.19
9001Other BakingCacao Nibs OrganicIn Stock100g£2.20
9002Other BakingRaw Cacao Powder OrganicIn Stock100g£2.40
9003Other BakingCocoa Powder OrganicIn Stock100g£1.80
9004Other BakingBicarbonate of Soda Gluten FreeIn Stock100g£0.60
9005Other BakingBaking Powder Gluten FreeIn Stock100g£0.80
9006Other BakingXanthan Gum Gluten FreeIn Stock100g£2.50
9007Other BakingWhite Belgian Chocolate DropsIn Stock100g£1.42
9008Other BakingMilk Belgian Chocolate DropsIn Stock100g£1.42
9009Other BakingDark Belgian Chocolate DropsIn Stock100g£1.42
9010Other BakingDried Instant YeastIn Stock100g£2.10
9011Other BakingCitric Acid - Food GradeIn Stock100g£1.30
9012Other BakingPanko BreadcrumbsIn Stock100g£1.25
9013Other BakingPearlised Rainbow SprinklesIn Stock100g£2.60
9014Other BakingSilver SprinklesIn Stock100g£2.60
9016Other BakingSkimmed Milk Powder OrganicIn Stock100g£1.45
9017Other BakingPsyllium Husk OrganicIn Stock100g£3.50
9201SugarDemerara SugarIn Stock100g£0.35
9202SugarLight Muscovado SugarIn Stock100g£0.39
9203SugarCaster SugarIn Stock100g£0.36
9204SugarGranulated Sugar OrganicIn Stock100g£0.34
9205SugarIcing Sugar OrganicIn Stock100g£0.75
9206SugarDark Muscovado SugarIn Stock100g£0.43
9251Sugar PrepackedCoconut Palm Sugar 500g OrganicIn StockEach£4.00
9113FlourCornflourIn Stock100g£0.26
9151Flour PrepackedPlain White Flour 1kg OrganicIn StockEach£1.45
9152Flour PrepackedWhite Flour Self-Raising 1kg OrganicIn StockEach£1.50
9153Flour PrepackedStrong White Bread Flour 1.5kg OrganicIn StockEach£2.05
9154Flour PrepackedStrong Wholemeal Flour 1.5kg OrganicIn StockEach£2.00
9155Flour PrepackedGluten Free Self-Raising Flour 1kgIn StockEach£2.25
9156Flour PrepackedGluten Free Plain Flour 1kgIn StockEach£2.25
9157Flour PrepackedGluten Free Brown Bread Flour 1kgIn StockEach£2.40
9158Flour PrepackedGluten Free White Bread Flour 1kgIn StockEach£2.25
9159Flour PrepackedPasta Type 0 Flour 1kgIn StockEach£1.75
9160Flour PrepackedTapioca Flour 500g OrganicIn StockEach£2.39
9161Flour PrepackedRye Flour White 1kg OrganicIn StockEach£1.89
9162Flour PrepackedSpelt Flour White 1kg OrganicIn StockEach£2.68
9165Flour PrepackedRye Flour Wholemeal 1kg OrganicIn StockEach£1.60
9166Flour PrepackedBuckwheat Flour 1kgIn StockEach£3.29
9167Flour PrepackedMalthouse Bread Flour 1kg OrganicIn StockEach£1.55
9168Flour PrepackedFine Plain Wholemeal Flour 1kg OrganicIn StockEach£1.25
9169Flour PrepackedPolenta 500g OrganicIn StockEach£2.40
9170Flour PrepackedWhite Semolina 500g OrganicIn StockEach£1.89
9171Flour PrepackedSpelt Flour Wholemeal 1kg OrganicIn StockEach£2.99
9172Flour PrepackedChickpea Flour 500g OrganicIn StockEach£2.97
9173Flour PrepackedRice Flour 1kgIn StockEach£1.89
9174Flour PrepackedGram Flour 1kgIn StockEach£2.29
9175Flour PrepackedOat Flour 450gIn StockEach£4.20
9176Flour PrepackedFine Semolina 1kg OrganicIn StockEach£2.80
10101TeaEnglish Breakfast TeaIn Stock100g£3.55
10102TeaEarl Grey Blue FlowerIn Stock100g£3.80
10103TeaFruit Bang!In Stock100g£3.80
10104TeaRooibos Lemon GingerIn Stock100g£3.80
10105TeaChina Sencha Organic (organic green tea)In Stock100g£3.80
10106TeaPeppermint LeavesIn Stock100g£3.96
10107TeaCamomile FlowersIn Stock100g£5.76
10108TeaAssam OrganicIn Stock100g£3.80
10201CoffeeFairtrade Medium Roast Coffee BeansIn Stock100g£2.20
10202CoffeeFairtrade Medium Roast Coffee GroundIn Stock100g£2.20
10203CoffeeSwiss Water Process Decaf BeansIn Stock100g£2.75
10204CoffeeSwiss Water Process Decaf GroundIn Stock100g£2.75
10205CoffeeInstant Coffee OrganicIn Stock100g£4.52
10301Tea AccessoriesReuseable tea bagsIn StockEach£0.60
10302Tea AccessoriesTea Tongs 5.0cm (Cup)In StockEach£4.30
10303Tea AccessoriesTea Tongs 6.5cm (Teapot)In StockEach£5.90
10304Tea AccessoriesTea Ball 4.5cm (Cup)In StockEach£3.70
10305Tea AccessoriesTea Ball 6.5cm (Teapot)In StockEach£4.50
10401Hot ChocolateMilk Hot ChocolateIn Stock100g£1.45
10403Hot ChocolateWhite Hot ChocolateIn Stock100g£1.55
11101Chewing GumPlastic Free Chewing Gum SpearmintIn StockEach£1.45
11102Chewing GumPlastic Free Chewing Gum PeppermintIn StockEach£1.45
11103Chewing GumPlastic Free Chewing Gum LemonIn StockEach£1.45
11104Chewing GumPlastic Free Chewing Gum CinnamonIn StockEach£1.45
11501NutsPistachio Nuts Roasted and SaltedIn Stock100g£1.80
11502NutsCashews SaltedIn Stock100g£2.40
11503NutsPeanuts SaltedIn Stock100g£1.00
11504Sweets & SnacksBombay MixIn Stock100g£0.41
11506Sweets & SnacksChilli Rice CrackersIn Stock100g£1.45
11507Sweets & SnacksRaisins Yoghurt CoatedIn Stock100g£1.50
11508Sweets & SnacksJapanese Rice CrackersIn Stock100g£1.20
11509Sweets & SnacksPeanuts in Belgian ChocolateIn Stock100g£0.95
11510Sweets & SnacksRaisins in Belgian ChocolateIn Stock100g£1.10
11511Sweets & SnacksBrazils in Belgian ChocolateIn Stock100g£1.50
11513Sweets & SnacksFizzy/Sour Sweet MixIn Stock100g£0.85
11514Sweets & SnacksFizzy Sweet Mix Gluten FreeIn Stock100g£0.85
11515Sweets & SnacksThe GummiesIn Stock100g£0.85
11516Sweets & SnacksVanilla Fudge (Dairy Free)In Stock100g£1.20
11517Sweets & SnacksBelgian Plain Chocolate ButtonsIn Stock100g£1.38
11518Sweets & SnacksBelgian Milk Chocolate ButtonsIn Stock100g£1.45
11519Sweets & SnacksChocolate Fudge (Dairy Free)In Stock100g£1.20
11521Sweets & SnacksSalted Caramel Fudge (Dairy Free)In Stock100g£1.20
11523Sweets & SnacksMixed Berries & NutsIn Stock100g£1.85
11524Sweets & SnacksMarshmallows VeganIn Stock100g£1.50
12111Solid SoapsZWP Lavender Soap - BoxedIn StockEach£4.65
12112Solid SoapsZWP Lavender Soap - NakedIn StockEach£4.55
12113Solid SoapsZWP Aloe Vera Soap - BoxedIn StockEach£4.65
12114Solid SoapsZWP Aloe Vera Soap - NakedIn StockEach£4.55
12115Solid SoapsZWP Oatmeal Soap - BoxedIn StockEach£4.65
12116Solid SoapsZWP Oatmeal Soap - NakedIn StockEach£4.55
12117Solid SoapsZWP Red Clay Soap - BoxedIn StockEach£4.65
12118Solid SoapsZWP Red Clay Soap - NakedIn StockEach£4.55
12119Solid SoapsZWP Activated Charcoal Soap - BoxedIn StockEach£5.00
12120Solid SoapsZWP Activated Charcoal Soap - NakedIn StockEach£4.90
12121Solid SoapsZWP Shea Butter Soap - BoxedIn StockEach£5.00
12122Solid SoapsZWP Shea Butter Soap - NakedIn StockEach£4.90
12171Hand Soap/Body WashPomegranate Body WashIn Stock100g£1.10
12173Hand Soap/Body WashHand Soap (Fig)In Stock100g£0.49
12174Hand Soap/Body WashBath - Shower - Hands (Unfragranced)In Stock100g£0.42
12175Hand Soap/Body WashLime, Basil & Mandarin Body WashIn Stock100g£1.10
12179Toiletries/BathroomRamsbury Alcohol Hand Sanitiser LiquidIn Stock100g£1.22
12211Solid Shamp/ConditZWP Rosemary Mint Shampoo - BoxedIn StockEach£5.00
12212Solid Shamp/ConditZWP Rosemary Mint Shampoo - NakedIn StockEach£4.90
12213Solid Shamp/ConditZWP Coconut Milk Shampoo - BoxedIn StockEach£5.00
12214Solid Shamp/ConditZWP Coconut Milk Shampoo - NakedIn StockEach£4.90
12215Solid Shamp/ConditZWP Lavender Shampoo - BoxedIn StockEach£5.00
12216Solid Shamp/ConditZWP Lavender Shampoo - NakedIn StockEach£4.90
12217Solid Shamp/ConditZWP Aloe Vera Shampoo - BoxedIn StockEach£5.00
12218Solid Shamp/ConditZWP Aloe Vera Shampoo - NakedIn StockEach£4.90
12219Solid Shamp/ConditZWP 2In1 Solid Shampoo - Normal Hair - BoxedIn StockEach£7.50
12220Solid Shamp/ConditZWP 2In1 Solid Shampoo - Normal Hair - NakedIn StockEach£7.40
12221Solid Shamp/ConditZWP 2In1 Solid Shampoo - Dry & Curly Hair - BoxedIn StockEach£7.50
12222Solid Shamp/ConditZWP 2In1 Solid Shampoo - Dry & Curly Hair - NakedIn StockEach£7.40
12223Solid Shamp/ConditZWP 2In1 Solid Shampoo - Oily & Fine Hair - BoxedIn StockEach£7.50
12224Solid Shamp/ConditZWP 2In1 Solid Shampoo - Oily & Fine Hair - NakedIn StockEach£7.40
12225Solid Shamp/ConditZWP 2In1 Solid Shampoo - Itchy Scalp - BoxedIn StockEach£7.50
12226Solid Shamp/ConditZWP 2In1 Solid Shampoo - Itchy Scalp - NakedIn StockEach£7.40
12227Solid Shamp/ConditLiving Naturally Coconutty ShampooIn StockEach£6.00
12228Solid Shamp/ConditLiving Naturally Ayurvedic ShampooIn StockEach£6.00
12229Solid Shamp/ConditLiving Naturally Hemp & Patchouli ShampooIn StockEach£6.00
12251Solid Shamp/ConditCoconut Conditioner BarIn StockEach£5.45
12252Solid Shamp/ConditLavender & Geranium Conditioner BarIn StockEach£5.45
12271Liquid Shamp/ConditLan y Môr ShampooIn Stock100g£1.11
12272Liquid Shamp/ConditLime, Basil & Mandarin ShampooIn Stock100g£1.11
12273Liquid Shamp/ConditLan y Môr ConditionerIn Stock100g£1.27
12274Liquid Shamp/ConditLime, Basil & Mandarin ConditionerIn Stock100g£1.27
12276Pre-bottledLime, Basil & Mandarin Conditioner in BottleIn StockEach£4.25
12277Liquid Shamp/ConditShampoo - Unscented OrganicIn Stock100g£0.89
12278Liquid Shamp/ConditConditioner - Unscented OrganicIn Stock100g£0.94
12291Toiletries/BathroomHand & Body Lotion Organic (Unscented)In Stock100g£1.19
12311ToothbrushesSave Some Green Toothbrush Bamboo SoftIn StockEach£2.50
12312ToothbrushesSave Some Green Toothbrush Bamboo MediumIn StockEach£2.50
12313ToothbrushesSave Some Green Toothbrush Bamboo FirmIn StockEach£2.50
12314ToothbrushesSave Some Green Toothbrush Charcoal MediumIn StockEach£2.50
12315ToothbrushesSave Some Green Toothbrush Charcoal FirmIn StockEach£2.50
12316ToothbrushesSave Some Green Kids Toothbrush Bamboo SoftIn StockEach£2.50
12331DenttabsDenttabs with FluorideIn Stock100g£14.00
12332DenttabsDenttabs without FluorideIn Stock100g£14.00
12351ToothpasteSpearmint Toothpaste 120mlIn StockEach£8.31
12352ToothpasteEnglish Peppermint Toothpaste 120mlIn StockEach£8.31
12353ToothpasteSpearmint Toothpaste 60mlIn StockEach£6.45
12354ToothpasteEnglish Peppermint Toothpaste 60mlIn StockEach£6.45
12355ToothpasteEucalyptus Toothpaste 60mlIn StockEach£6.45
12356ToothpasteActivated Charcoal Toothpaste 60mlIn StockEach£6.45
12357ToothpasteOrange Toothpaste 60mlIn StockEach£6.45
12362Tooth PowderPeppermint Bio-White Tooth Powder - glassIn StockEach£6.00
12364Tooth PowderPeppermint Bio-White Tooth Powder refillIn StockEach£3.95
12371Dental FlossSilk Dental Floss Cardamom 30mIn StockEach£4.90
12372Dental FlossSilk Dental Floss Cardamom Refill 30mIn StockEach£3.60
12373Dental FlossCorn Dental Floss 30m (vegan)In StockEach£4.90
12374Dental FlossCorn Dental Floss Refill 2x30m (vegan)In StockEach£7.20
12375Dental FlossInterdental Brush 0.4 mm ISO 0In StockEach£4.00
12376Dental FlossInterdental Brush 0.45 mm ISO 1In StockEach£4.00
12377Dental FlossInterdental Brush 0.5 mm ISO 2In StockEach£4.00
12378Dental FlossInterdental Brush 0.6 mm ISO 3In StockEach£4.00
12381MouthwashActivated Charcoal 180 Mouthwash Tablets In StockEach£8.30
12382MouthwashSpearmint 180 Mouthwash Tablets In StockEach£8.30
12383MouthwashEnglish Peppermint 180 Mouthwash TabletsIn StockEach£8.30
12384MouthwashEnglish Peppermint Oil Pulling Mouthwash 250mlIn StockEach£11.11
12401DeodorantsEarth Conscious Pure Unscented Stick VeganIn StockEach£6.70
12402DeodorantsEarth Conscious Lavender & Tea Tree Stick VeganIn StockEach£6.70
12403DeodorantsEarth Conscious Lemon & Rosemary Stick VeganIn StockEach£6.70
12404DeodorantsEarth Conscious Grapefruit & Lemon Stick VeganIn StockEach£6.70
12405DeodorantsEarth Conscious Pure Unscented Tin VeganIn StockEach£6.70
12407DeodorantsBen & Anna Pink Grapefruit Stick OrganicIn StockEach£8.50
12409DeodorantsBen & Anna Pure Natural Soda Stick OrganicIn StockEach£8.50
12410DeodorantsZWP Lavender & Tea Tree Tin VeganIn StockEach£5.50
12411DeodorantsZWP Grapefruit & Lemongrass Tin VeganIn StockEach£5.50
12412DeodorantsLiving Naturally Citrus Cream OrganicIn StockEach£8.50
12413DeodorantsLiving Naturally Fragrance Free Cream OrganicIn StockEach£8.50
12414DeodorantsLemon & Lime Vegan Bicarb-Free DeodorantIn StockEach£10.00
12415DeodorantsOrange & Grapefruit Std Bicarb-Free DeodorantIn StockEach£10.00
12451Rugged NatureBeard Trimming ScissorsIn StockEach£5.00
12452Rugged NatureWet Shave KitIn StockEach£20.00
12453Rugged Nature100% Natural Wash Kit, Cedarwood, Pipette CapIn StockEach£40.00
12454Rugged NatureHair Styling Kit, SandalwoodIn StockEach£22.00
12455Rugged NatureHair Styling Kit, CedarwoodIn StockEach£22.00
12456Rugged NatureVegan Beard Brush, 100% Natural Sisal BristlesIn StockEach£8.50
12457Rugged NatureHair Wash and Style Kit, Vegan, Sandalwood & CinnamonIn StockEach£20.00
12458Rugged NatureHair Wash and Style Kit, CedarwoodIn StockEach£20.00
12459Rugged NatureEssentials KitIn StockEach£25.00
12460Rugged NatureShaving Kit With Wooden Safety RazorIn StockEach£40.00
12461Rugged Nature100% Natural Beard Kit, Sandalwood, Pipette CapIn StockEach£30.00
12501Feminine HygieneMooncup size A (larger)In StockEach£20.89
12502Feminine HygieneMooncup size B (smaller)In StockEach£20.89
12503Feminine HygieneReusable Sanitary Pad Light (1)In StockEach£4.49
12504Feminine HygieneReusable Sanitary Pad moderate (1)In StockEach£6.99
12505Feminine HygieneReusable Sanitary Pad heavy (1)In StockEach£8.99
12506Feminine HygieneReusable Sanitary Pad Light (7)In StockEach£19.99
12507Feminine HygieneReusable Sanitary Pad moderate (5)In StockEach£23.99
12508Feminine HygieneReusable Sanitary Pad heavy (5)In StockEach£27.99
12509Feminine HygieneReusable Cotton Cloth Period Panty LinersIn StockEach£3.80
12510Feminine HygieneLuxury Cloth Period Pads 5 Multi-Pack - Mixed UseIn StockEach£22.95
12552Shaving Plastic Free Safety RazorIn StockEach£35.00
12554Shaving Replacement Blades pack of 5In StockEach£1.00
12555Shaving Mutiny Shaving Box Black PearlIn StockEach£30.00
12556Shaving Mutiny Shaving Box Redbeards RevengeIn StockEach£30.00
12558Shaving Coffee & Cedarwood Shaving Soap BarIn StockEach£2.95
12559Shaving Orange & Lavender Shaving SoapIn StockEach£2.75
12601Lotions, Balms, OilsZWP Unscented Solid LotionIn StockEach£7.00
12602Lotions, Balms, OilsZWP Lavender Solid LotionIn StockEach£7.00
12603Lotions, Balms, OilsZWP Grapefruit Solid LotionIn StockEach£7.00
12604Lotions, Balms, OilsZWP Sweet Orange Solid LotionIn StockEach£7.00
12605Lotions, Balms, OilsZWP Almighty BalmIn StockEach£5.50
12606Lotions, Balms, OilsZWP Happy BalmIn StockEach£5.50
12607Lotions, Balms, OilsZWP Chill Ya BalmIn StockEach£5.50
12608Lotions, Balms, OilsZWP Balsamic BalmIn StockEach£5.50
12609Lotions, Balms, OilsZWP Bliss Beauty Oil (Cap)In StockEach£17.00
12610Lotions, Balms, OilsZWP Bliss Beauty Oil (Pipette)In StockEach£18.50
12611Lotions, Balms, OilsLiving Naturally Lip Balm Fragrance Free OrganicIn StockEach£4.00
12651First AidBamboo Kids Plasters CoconutIn StockEach£6.99
12652First AidBamboo Plasters Aloe VeraIn StockEach£6.99
12653First AidBamboo Plasters CharcoalIn StockEach£6.99
12654First AidBamboo Plasters NaturalIn StockEach£6.99
12703Toilet PaperGreencane Toilet Paper 2 Ply (Bamboo & Recycled Sugarcane)In StockEach£0.69
12704Toilet PaperRural Trading Toilet Paper 2 Ply (100% Recycled Paper)In StockEach£0.69
12705Toilet PaperRural Trading 2 Ply Box of 24In StockEach£15.30
12706Toilet PaperSoft & Strong Toilet Tissue 4 PackIn StockEach£2.20
12707Toilet PaperGreencane 4 PackIn StockEach£3.00
12751SuncareShade Sunscreen 100mlIn StockEach£9.70
12752SuncareShade Sunscreen 15mlIn StockEach£3.75
12801Hair AccessoriesBamboo Hairbrush With Wooden Pins (Oval)In StockEach£10.45
12803Hair AccessoriesMini Wooden HairbrushIn StockEach£6.45
12808Hair AccessoriesBamboo CombIn StockEach£2.50
12809Hair AccessoriesKOOSHOO Plastic Free Hair Ties SingleIn StockEach£2.60
12852Other ToiletriesMutiny Washbag LobsterIn StockEach£20.00
12853Other ToiletriesBamboo Nail BrushIn StockEach£4.50
12854Other ToiletriesBamboo/Cotton Earbuds (200)In StockEach£2.50
12855Other ToiletriesReusable Face Wipes (8)In StockEach£4.49
12856Other ToiletriesBody LoofahIn StockEach£3.00
12857Other Toiletries10 Bamboo Make-Up Removal Pads With Wash BagIn StockEach£13.95
13101Iron & VelvetIron & Velvet Cleaning Sachets Selection packIn StockEach£10.00
13102Iron & VelvetIron & Velvet Kitchen Surface CleanerIn StockEach£10.00
13103Iron & VelvetIron & Velvet Kitchen Antibacterial Surface CleanerIn StockEach£10.00
13104Iron & VelvetIron & Velvet Kitchen Oven CleanerIn StockEach£10.00
13105Iron & VelvetIron & Velvet Household Floor CleanerIn StockEach£10.00
13106Iron & VelvetIron & Velvet Household Glass & Mirror CleanerIn StockEach£10.00
13107Iron & VelvetIron & Velvet Bathroom Multisurface CleanserIn StockEach£10.00
13108Iron & VelvetIron & Velvet Bathroom Antibacterial Surface CleanerIn StockEach£10.00
13151Toilet BrushesToilet Brush & Holder SetIn StockEach£9.75
13152Toilet BrushesToilet BrushIn StockEach£5.50
13201Laundry AccessoriesSmall Muslin WashbagIn StockEach£1.00
13202Laundry AccessoriesNatural Stain Remover StickIn StockEach£3.50
13203Laundry AccessoriesWooden Clothes Pegs (FSC 100%)In StockEach£5.00
13204Laundry AccessoriesStainless Steel Pegs x 20In StockEach£4.00
13206Laundry AccessoriesLaundry Detergent Sheets - 32 sheetsIn StockEach£9.28
13207Laundry AccessoriesLaundry Egg 70 Wash - Fresh LinenIn StockEach£11.50
13208Laundry AccessoriesLaundry Egg Refill 50 Wash - Fresh LinenIn StockEach£5.75
13301Cleaning Not WeighedWashing Up Soap BarIn StockEach£5.65
13501Cleaning ProductsWashing Up Liquid (Spiced Ginger)In Stock100g£0.21
13502Cleaning ProductsLaundry Liquid Biological (With Fragrance)In Stock100g£0.34
13503Cleaning ProductsLaundry Liquid Non-Bio (Unfragranced)In Stock100g£0.25
13504Cleaning ProductsLaundry Liquid Hand Wash & Delicate (Unfragranced)In Stock100g£0.68
13505Cleaning ProductsFabric Conditioner (Cologne)In Stock100g£0.20
13506Cleaning ProductsAll Purpose Surface Cleaner (Lavender & Rosemary)In Stock100g£0.28
13507Cleaning ProductsToilet Cleaner (Lotus & Sea Salt)In Stock100g£0.25
13508Cleaning ProductsWindow And Glass Cleaner (Seagrass & Lotus)In Stock100g£0.15
13509Cleaning ProductsCream Cleaner (With Fragrance)In Stock100g£0.22
13510Cleaning ProductsWhite Vinegar For CleaningIn Stock100g£0.16
13511Cleaning ProductsHard Water Rinse AidIn Stock100g£0.34
13512Cleaning ProductsDishwasher PowderIn Stock100g£0.41
13513Cleaning ProductsLaundry Detergent PowderIn Stock100g£0.46
13514Cleaning ProductsBicarbonate Of Soda NON-EDIBLEIn Stock100g£0.18
13515Cleaning ProductsSoap NutsIn Stock100g£1.00
13516Cleaning ProductsDishwasher saltIn Stock100g£0.12
13517Cleaning ProductsCastile Soap Unfragranced OrganicIn Stock100g£0.63
13518Cleaning Not WeighedDishwasher Tablets 70 tabsIn StockEach£13.50
13519Cleaning Not WeighedDishwasher Tablets 25 tabsIn StockEach£5.35
13520Cleaning Not WeighedNatural Bleach (Percarbonate of Soda)In StockEach£5.99
13521Cleaning Not WeighedCitric Acid 750gIn StockEach£6.99
15101Wax WrapsWaxyz Wraps SmallIn StockEach£2.60
15102Wax WrapsWaxyz Wraps MediumIn StockEach£4.99
15103Wax WrapsWaxyz Wraps LargeIn StockEach£6.99
15104Wax WrapsWaxyz Wraps RollIn StockEach£19.99
15105Wax WrapsWaxyz Wraps Small x 2In StockEach£4.99
15106Wax WrapsWaxyz Wraps Medium x 2In StockEach£8.99
15107Wax WrapsWaxyz Wraps Large x 2In StockEach£12.99
15108Wax WrapsWaxyz Wraps Small + MediumIn StockEach£6.99
15109Wax WrapsWaxyz Wraps Medium + LargeIn StockEach£9.99
15111Wax WrapsVegan Soy Wax Wraps x 3In StockEach£9.99
15112Wax WrapsVegan Soy Wax Wraps x 5In StockEach£14.99
15151Foil/Parchment PaperAluminium Foil (100% recycled)In StockEach£3.46
15152Foil/Parchment PaperExtra Strong Aluminium Foil (100% recycled)In StockEach£4.79
15153Foil/Parchment PaperParchment Paper UnbleachedIn StockEach£4.79
15201DishwashingCompostable Sponge Cloths (4 Pack)In StockEach£5.50
15202DishwashingSafix Coconut Fibre Scrub PadIn StockEach£2.00
15203DishwashingSafix Coconut Fibre Scrub Pad LargeIn StockEach£3.50
15204DishwashingLoofCo Washing Up Pad (2 Pack)In StockEach£4.74
15205DishwashingSuper Scrubbing BrushIn StockEach£6.20
15206DishwashingWooden Dish Brush (replaceable head)In StockEach£3.95
15207DishwashingWooden Dish Head ReplacementIn StockEach£1.95
15208DishwashingEcoCoconut Dish BrushIn StockEach£5.00
15209DishwashingEcoCoconut Bottle BrushIn StockEach£5.00
15210DishwashingEcoCoconut Scourers (2 Pack)In StockEach£4.75
15211DishwashingLoofCo Washing Up PadIn StockEach£3.00
15212DishwashingCompostable UK Sponge 2 packIn StockEach£4.50
15213DishwashingBottle Brush Small (Vegan, FSC 100%)In StockEach£5.60
15214DishwashingBottle Brush Large (Vegan, FSC 100%)In StockEach£6.20
15221DishwashingNatural Latex Rubber Gloves SmallIn StockEach£3.00
15222DishwashingNatural Latex Rubber Gloves MediumIn StockEach£3.00
15223DishwashingNatural Latex Rubber Gloves LargeIn StockEach£3.00
15224DishwashingNatural Latex Rubber Gloves XLIn StockEach£3.00
15251Waste DisposalFood Waste BagsIn StockEach£5.51
15252Waste DisposalBlack Dustbin Liners x10 100% DegradableIn StockEach£1.60
15301Tissues/Kitchen RollGreencane Kitchen Towel x2In StockEach£2.99
15302Tissues/Kitchen RollGreencane TissuesIn StockEach£1.59
15303Tissues/Kitchen RollRural Trading Kitchen TowelIn StockEach£2.94
15331Kitchen MiscStainless Steel Angled Drinking StrawsIn StockEach£5.20
15332Kitchen MiscStainless Steel Single Tier LunchboxIn StockEach£19.99
15333Kitchen MiscReusable Silicone Baking LinerIn StockEach£10.99
15351Tape /TwineNatural TwineIn StockEach£2.40
15352Tape /TwinePaper parcel tape 24mmIn StockEach£1.91
15353Tape /TwinePaper parcel tape 50mmIn StockEach£2.65
15354Tape /TwineThemed Paper TapeIn StockEach£4.20
15381Firelighters28 Firelighters non toxic wood & veg oilIn StockEach£2.44
15401Face MasksPleated Mask (one size)In StockEach£5.00
15402Face MasksFitted Mask Adult LIn StockEach£5.00
15403Face MasksFitted Mask Adult S/MIn StockEach£5.00
15404Face MasksFitted Mask Child LIn StockEach£3.20
15405Face MasksFitted Mask Child SIn StockEach£3.20
15406Face MasksVeil Mask AdultIn StockEach£6.00
15407Face MasksVeil Mask ChildIn StockEach£4.80
15511Xmas Gift Wrap/Tags3m Xmas Wrapping PaperIn StockEach£4.30
15512Xmas Gift Wrap/Tags5m Xmas Wrapping PaperIn StockEach£6.00
15513Xmas Gift Wrap/TagsWrapping Paper Sheet (50x70)In StockEach£2.05
15519Xmas Gift Wrap/TagsGift TagIn StockEach£0.20
16101BottlesClear Glass Dressings Bottle 100mlIn StockEach£1.70
16102BottlesGreen Glass Oil/Vinegar Bottle 250mlIn StockEach£2.00
16103BottlesClear Glass Bottle With Lid 250mlIn StockEach£1.40
16104BottlesClear Glass Bottle With Lid 500mlIn StockEach£2.30
16105BottlesBrown Glass Bottle With Lid 200mlIn StockEach£1.25
16106BottlesBrown Glass Bottle With Lid 500mlIn StockEach£1.80
16108BottlesClear Glass Bottle With Pump 200mlIn StockEach£2.20
16109BottlesSwing Top Bottle Small 250mlIn StockEach£4.00
16110BottlesSwing Top Bottle Medium 500mlIn StockEach£4.20
16111BottlesSwing Top Bottle Large 750mlIn StockEach£4.50
16112BottlesSwing Top Bottle Extra Large 1LIn StockEach£4.70
16113BottlesAluminium Bottle With Lid 50mlIn StockEach£1.70
16114BottlesAluminium Bottle With Pump 50mlIn StockEach£2.80
16115BottlesAluminium Bottle With Spray 50mlIn StockEach£2.25
16116BottlesAluminium Bottle With Lid 250mlIn StockEach£2.90
16117BottlesAluminium Bottle With Pump 250mlIn StockEach£3.60
16118BottlesAluminium Bottle With Spray 250mlIn StockEach£3.65
16119BottlesAluminium Bottle With Lid 500mlIn StockEach£5.65
16120BottlesAluminium Bottle With Pump 500mlIn StockEach£6.35
16121BottlesAluminium Bottle With Trigger Spray 500mlIn StockEach£6.25
16122BottlesBrown Glass Bottle With Lid 300mlIn StockEach£1.40
16201JarsMini Clip Top Jar 70mlIn StockEach£2.20
16204JarsClip Top Jar 500mlIn StockEach£4.85
16205JarsClip Top Jar 750mlIn StockEach£5.50
16206JarsClip Top Jar 1000mlIn StockEach£6.10
16207JarsClip Top Jar 2000mlIn StockEach£7.50
16208JarsClip Top Jar 3000mlIn StockEach£10.20
16209JarsMini Glass Jam Jar 41mlIn StockEach£0.55
16210JarsGlass Jam Jar 105mlIn StockEach£1.50
16211JarsGlass Jam Jar 228mlIn StockEach£1.70
16212JarsGlass Jam Jar 370mlIn StockEach£1.90
16213JarsClip Top Terrine Jar 350mlIn StockEach£4.00
16214JarsSquare Food Jar 200gIn StockEach£2.00
16251Jar Lids & SealsClip Top Seals 85mmIn StockEach£1.20
16252Jar Lids & SealsClip Top Seals 100mmIn StockEach£1.45
16253Jar Lids & SealsJar Lids Silver 63mmIn StockEach£0.40
16254Jar Lids & SealsJar Lids Silver 82mmIn StockEach£0.50
16301TinsAluminium Tin 30mlIn StockEach£1.70
16302TinsAluminium Tin 75mlIn StockEach£1.90
16303TinsAluminium Tin 150mlIn StockEach£3.50
16401BagsOrganic Bread Bag & Produce BagIn StockEach£2.70
16402BagsOrganic Fruit & Veg Lightweight BagIn StockEach£2.65
16403BagsOrganic Fruit & Veg Net BagIn StockEach£3.20
16404BagsBranded Shopping BagsIn StockEach£6.20
16501Branded BottlesClassic Water Bottle 500mlIn StockEach£18.00
16502Branded BottlesClassic Water Bottle 350mlIn StockEach£16.00
16503Branded BottlesClassic Water Bottle 750mlIn StockEach£22.00
16504Branded BottlesIce Water Bottle 500mlIn StockEach£20.00
17001BooksDuffy’s Lucky Escape by Ellie JacksonIn StockEach£7.99
17002BooksMarli’s Tangled Tale by Ellie JacksonIn StockEach£7.99
17003BooksNelson’s Dangerous Dive by Ellie JacksonIn StockEach£7.99
17004BooksBuddy’s Rainforest Rescue by Ellie JacksonIn StockEach£7.99
17006BooksSomebody Swallowed Stanley by Sarah RobertsIn StockEach£6.99
17007BooksPlastic Sucks! You can make a difference by Dougie PoynterIn StockEach£9.99
17008BooksTurning the tide on plastic by Lucy SiegleIn StockEach£8.99
17009BooksThis is not a drill: An Extinction Rebellion Handbook by Extinction RebellionIn StockEach£7.99
17010BooksThere is no planet B: A Handbook for the make or break years by Mike Berners-LeeIn StockEach£9.99
17011BooksUninhabitable Earth: A Story of the Future by David Wallace-WellsIn StockEach£9.99
17012BooksHow To Give Up Plastic by Will McCallumIn StockEach£6.99
17013BooksA Life Less Throwaway: The Lost Art of Buying for Life by Tara ButtonIn StockEach£12.99
17014BooksZero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your LifeIn StockEach£9.99
17501ToysRescue Team Character SetIn StockEach£5.99
17502ToysPirate Island PlaysetIn StockEach£8.99
17503ToysKnights Castle PlaysetIn StockEach£8.99
17504ToysZog Pop-out PlaysetIn StockEach£8.99
17505ToysDinosaur Roar PlaysetIn StockEach£8.99
17506ToysRNLI On shore Lifeboat PlaysetIn StockEach£9.99
17507ToysSpace Ranger PlaysetIn StockEach£11.99
17508ToysSavannah Animals PlaysetIn StockEach£11.99
17509ToysFarmyard PlaysetIn StockEach£11.99
17510ToysGruffalo Pop-out PlaysetIn StockEach£15.99
17511ToysSpacestation PlaysetIn StockEach£15.99
18001Fresh Local ProduceHoneyIn StockEach£5.50
18007Fresh Local ProduceEgg Single MixedIn StockEach£0.23
18008Fresh Local ProduceEggs 6 Mixed No BoxIn StockEach£1.38
18010Fresh Local ProducePure Local BeeswaxIn StockEach£2.95
18011Fresh Local ProduceComb HoneyIn StockEach£5.75
19001Pet ProductsZWP Dog ShampooIn StockEach£5.00
19002Pet ProductsBeco Degradable Poo Bags (60)In StockEach£2.99
19003Pet ProductsBeco Degradable Poo Bags (120)In StockEach£4.99
19008Pet ProductsBeco Compostable Poo Bags x 60In StockEach£5.99
20008Gift SetsOils & VinegarsIn StockEach£14.00
20010Gift SetsChocolate Brazil Jar (Le Parfait)In StockEach£15.00
20013Gift SetsChocolate Brazil Jar (Kilner)In StockEach£10.00
20014Gift SetsNuts & Berries Square JarIn StockEach£5.00
20015Gift SetsNuts & Berries Terrine JarIn StockEach£10.00
21101Vouchers£5 Gift VoucherIn StockEach£5.00
21102Vouchers£10 Gift VoucherIn StockEach£10.00
21103Vouchers£20 Gift VoucherIn StockEach£20.00
30001PrepackedMild Coconut Oil 470ml OrganicIn StockEach£4.79
30002PrepackedSesame Oil 500ml OrganicIn StockEach£7.99
30003PrepackedYeast Extract - With Salt 340gIn StockEach£3.81
30004PrepackedMaple Syrup Grade A 250ml OrganicIn StockEach£6.07
30005PrepackedTomatoes Chopped 400g OrganicIn StockEach£1.09
30006PrepackedTomatoes Peeled Whole 400g OrganicIn StockEach£1.10
30007PrepackedPassata 680g OrganicIn StockEach£1.79
30008PrepackedTomato Purée 200g OrganicIn StockEach£1.59
30009PrepackedWorcester Sauce 150ml Gluten Free OrganicIn StockEach£2.60
30010PrepackedShoyu Soya Sauce 145ml OrganicIn StockEach£2.19
30011PrepackedTamari Soya Sauce 145ml OrganicIn StockEach£2.69
30013PrepackedBaked Beans 400g OrganicIn StockEach£1.24
30014PrepackedCoconut Milk 400ml OrganicIn StockEach£1.89
30015PrepackedBasil Pesto 130g Vegan OrganicIn StockEach£2.99
30016PrepackedTahini Light 250g OrganicIn StockEach£2.94
30101PrepackedAlmond Butter 170g OrganicIn StockEach£4.49
30102PrepackedCashew Butter 170g OrganicIn StockEach£3.99
30103PrepackedPeanut Butter Smooth 280g OrganicIn StockEach£2.69
30104PrepackedPeanut Butter Crunchy 280g OrganicIn StockEach£2.99
30105PrepackedYeast Extract - No Added Salt 340gIn StockEach£3.81
30106PrepackedHarissa Chilli Relish 125gIn StockEach£2.99
30107PrepackedBrown Sauce 270g Gluten Free OrganicIn StockEach£3.59
30108PrepackedSweet Chilli Sauce 250ml OrganicIn StockEach£2.79
30109PrepackedKetchup 480g OrganicIn StockEach£2.64
30110PrepackedOriginal Mayonnaise 325g OrganicIn StockEach£2.89
30112PrepackedDark Chocolate Spread 400g OrganicIn StockEach£3.39
30113PrepackedHazelnut Chocolate Spread 400g OrganicIn StockEach£3.94
30114PrepackedApricot Jam 340g OrganicIn StockEach£3.44
30115PrepackedBlackcurrant Jam 340g OrganicIn StockEach£3.44
30116PrepackedOrange Marmalade 340g OrganicIn StockEach£3.44
30117PrepackedRaspberry Jam 340g OrganicIn StockEach£3.44
30118PrepackedStrawberry Jam 340g OrganicIn StockEach£3.44
30119PrepackedMincemeat 400g No Added Sugar OrganicIn StockEach£4.70
30120PrepackedDijon Mustard 200g OrganicIn StockEach£2.39
30121PrepackedWholegrain Mustard 200g OrganicIn StockEach£2.69
30122PrepackedEnglish Mustard 170g OrganicIn StockEach£2.15
30125PrepackedMayonnaise 230g OrganicIn StockEach£3.19
30126PrepackedPremium Christmas Pudding 454gIn StockEach£12.50
30130PrepackedEgg Free Mayo 230g OrganicIn StockEach£2.59
30131PrepackedHot Pepper Sauce 140ml OrganicIn StockEach£3.69
30132PrepackedMiso (Brown Rice) 300g OrganicIn StockEach£4.79
30133PrepackedAgave Syrup 240ml OrganicIn StockEach£3.57
30134PrepackedDate Syrup 330gIn StockEach£2.99
30137PrepackedSalted Caramel Sauce 120gIn StockEach£2.99
30138PrepackedSticky Toffee Sauce 120gIn StockEach£2.99
30139PrepackedPremium Christmas Pudding 2 x 120gIn StockEach£8.50

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