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Replenish and ReuseConsumers are becoming increasingly aware of the effects that our disposable culture is having on our planet. Our oceans and countryside are filling up with plastic and the planet is gradually warming through climate change. Many of us want to do what we can to change this but are often frustrated by the lack of alternatives available to us.

Replenish And Reuse aims to offer an alternative way of shopping that will help you, the customer, reduce the amount of waste, especially plastic waste, that is being sent to landfill and may inadvertently end up polluting our oceans and countryside. Replenish and Reuse sells a wide variety of dry foods, toiletries and cleaning products. Bring your own containers and buy as much or as little as you require. Our products are not all organic, although some are – our focus has been on affordability and primarily helping our customers cut out waste, however, we will adapt our product range where necessary to meet demand.

“Zero Waste”, the generic term used for these shops, might be slightly optimistic at this point because the goods come from suppliers in some form of packaging. However, we work hard to seek out suppliers who supply produce in paper sacks which are biodegradable or liquids in large drums which we send back to the supplier for refilling. Furthermore, we buy in bulk to minimise the packaging required. Some of our products do have to be sold in packaging such as deodorant sticks or toothbrushes, and we do sell a small selection of pre-packaged goods but the packaging is all plastic-free.

In the future when things settle down, we hope to run workshops where customers can come to learn new skills and ways of helping the planet. Follow us on social media to keep informed of upcoming events and updates.

More than 60% of people use reusable water bottles more now than they did in 2017 — and over 70% of 18 to 24-year-olds.

Global Citizen 01 Nov 2018

Replenish and Reuse
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